Do you have a passion for computers, technology and programming languages? Are you also interested in business and company processes?

With the dual course of study BSc Business Informatics at NEW YORKER, you can combine both areas. Through the combination of ideally coordinated study content and practical experience, you will be best prepared for starting your career. As a business data processing specialist, you are the interface between IT and other business units. Over the course of your studies, you will acquire extensive expert knowledge of the business-management roles and processes in the company as well as the possibilities of IT-supported design and implementation within the context of projects.

DURATION: 3 years

COURSE COMMENCEMENT DATE: Annually on August 1st


During the practical phases in our headquarters in Braunschweig over the course of several months, you will become acquainted with the various business units and take on the following tasks:

  • Economic and technical assessment of the latest IT technologies and their implementation in the company
  • Analysis of issues from a technical and economic viewpoint
  • Software development
  • Corresponding consulting of the specialist departments
  • etc.



Your course is held at the Leibniz-Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) Hanover and is comprised of 6 semesters.


  • Business informatics & mathematics
  • Business management
  • System & application development
  • E-commerce
  • Process management
  • Law
  • IT marketing
  • etc.


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