Have you got power to push the throttle? Perfect!

We are looking for people like you for our crew. Do you want your career to take off and enjoy a fast job with a lot of opportunities in a global fashion company but still have your feet firmly on the ground? Then there are great career options for you at New Yorker with more than 900 stores in over 32 countries. Where you want to touch down is up to you!

Alumni | Young Professionals

Have you successfully completed your training/studies and already gained some professional experience? We can assist you in finding your personal career style.

Our main advantage: More than 80 percent of all executives were recruited in-house and given further internal training. Maybe you will enjoy it here, so we can define new goals together. We are looking forward to it!

In the store

The spirit of New Yorker is represented in more than 900 stores. In order to do so, personal commitment is required - particularly yours!

Do you have already gained experience in the textile retail sales? Great! Are you looking for a new challenge? New Yorker offers you to enter our stores sales department as new management talent. Maybe even abroad? Tell us about your future plans and become part of a team of high-flyers!

At headquarters in Braunschweig

The Headquarters in Braunschweig are a huge melting pot of ideas. This is were evereything comes together: The design is developed, the production planning takes place and a lot more is happening. Do you have successfully completed your training or studies and would like to land here? Are you interested in a classic business within a global company? Figures, dimensions, paragraphs or static calculations are your strength? Then make your decision for direct entry with us in areas such as construction, controlling, finance or in the legal department.

If colours, styles, cuts or layout is everything that matters to you and you are attracted to work in a fashion company where you can keep expressing your creativity, then apply for areas such as design, purchasing, marketing or decoration.


You have more than enough experience – after many years in the business you are now looking for the right partner to let you take control and make your career take off at full speed?

Do you love the dynamic characterising a global fashion company, are you quick in making decisions and manage to always keep track of things? At the same time you are a passionate team player? Then contact us – we are waiting for your ideas and plans!

In the store

The spirit of New Yorker is represented in more than 900 stores. To do so, personal commitment is required - particularly yours! Do you have already gained professional experience in textile retail sales? Great! You are looking for a new challenge? New Yorker offers you to enter our stores sales department as temp, sales clerk or junior manager.

Have you stepped up during the past years and lead your crew to new heights? Then apply to become a store manager or deputy store manager at one of the numerous New Yorker stores. Do you love to set pace and want to be responsible for multiple stores? Then start now as area manager or sales manager!

At headquarters in Braunschweig

The Headquarters in Braunschweig are a huge melting pot of ideas. This is where everything comes together: The design is developed, the production planning takes place and a lot more is happening. Did you gain enough practical experience over the years? Are you now looking for a partner that helps you to take off? We offer you further professional development in areas such as construction, controlling, decoration, design, marketing and purchasing.

Corporate presentation

We highly value a good team! Without that even the best plan would not work out. At New Yorker you can expect a clear and communicative environment which brings the vision represented by the company to life.

We implement ideas with passion and courage and turn them into fashion trends across the world. Every individual employee embodies our mission and represents it to the outside world – from the HQs to the stores.

We consider ourselves as a young and authentic partner that inspires the fashion lifestyle on the streets and as a leader in high street fashion.


Claus (46)
> Professional
> Headquarters
> Buyer HAKA
> Since 1989

How did It happen that you started to work at New Yorker?

In 1989 I visited the Kieler Woche exhibition and found out about New Yorker. When the concept was introduced to me in a store, I liked it a lot. At this time I still lived in Denmark and already knew New Yorker from when I visited Flensburg. It all happened very quickly, and soon I was area manager in Hamburg. At that time New Yorker had 44 stores and I approached my task with great expectations – also for the rest of Germany. After spending some time with New Yorker in Dresden I knew everything about sales and in 2001 I moved to Braunschweig to work at the Purchasing department. My field is Purchasing for Menswear (HAKA), and Jeans are my speciality.

What does your typical working day look like?

Inspiration and quality come first for me. I cooperate very closely with Product Development and Design at the headquarters and take a look at the designs presented to me. We develop the collections and work together till their launch. I also visit a lot of trade fairs: Tokyo, New York, London are a good source of inspiration for us with regard to trends and fashion, and show what happens on the market. Once you have a clear vision of the style, you have to be focused and be able to bring the trends into the stores at a high quality. The speed in fashion can be quite brutal, but it is a challenge I face daily.

What was your best moment at New Yorker?

At New Yorker everything happens very fast and for me it is a great journey. My best moment: Our claim "Dress for the moment" was born, this was in the early nineties. We celebrated the opening of a new store in Dresden. It was a huge spectacle and we were all caught in this uplifting spirit. Every new country you enter, every new employee coming along with vigour and inspiration, these are all great moments for me, and they are too many to list them all here.   

Candidate coaching

Sell yourself!

Motivation is of the highest importance for us and is definitely expected from you. We want to see your energy and commitment for fashion and want to know about your goals. You can express that in a motivational letter. However, this is just as important: Make sure that your application documents are complete. Your current certificates, your curriculum vitae, evidence of professional development and internships provide us with a first impression about you. To complete your application we would love to have a photo of you and then you might hear from us soon: Welcome on board!

Further professional development

Are you aiming for higher goals? Do you want to evolve? We can give you the opportunities. With New Yorker you can take off quickly. This may either be coaching or continued professional development – we help you to move forward!

It all depends on what you want. Don't be afraid: Although many are passing through their careers at the speed of an airplane, we all keep our feet on the ground. Are you the type that's always just dreaming but never follows their dreams? No? Neither are we. So we are a perfect match!

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